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Hear No Evil

When we hear something, whether good or evil, it enters us and eventually comes out depending on our perceptions:

Hear No Evil: Video Extract

Hear No Evil

Media: Video, Video Stills, Photographs, Mixed Media Materials in Video:  Objects, Coloured Sand, PVA
Length: 0:35 seconds
Year: 2020

Hear No Evil – Invisible Noises (Video Extract)

On show is an extract of a video installation and photographic stills of a Trainee Art Therapist’s exploration of her hearing impairment and tinnitus noises, as well as, how it impacts and informs her art therapy praxis with clients.

“Ninety percent of what you are cannot be seen with the physical eye. You cannot see what you will be in two days, two weeks, or two months. No one can see your thoughts or your feelings. Even you can’t see your own anger, fear, guilt or shame. You cannot see most of the things you worry and fret about, and they take up so much of your time and energy that you cannot see how wonderful you are right now!”  (Vanzant, 1996, p226).

Hear No Evil:  Photographic Video Stills
Hear No Evil:  Photographic Video Stills

Switch me On/Off’ – Playing with Assistive Technology and hearing aids.
Interactive 3D Exhibition in Artsteps (VR Compatible)
About Beverley

Beverley is a Nottingham based Visual Artist who creates short videos, animations, ceramics and jewellery in the form of installations and has exhibited in the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Senegal and Antigua. Professionally, Beverley has worked as an Arts Adviser/Administrator with Children and Adults from challenging backgrounds and mental health. MA Trainee Art Therapy Placement (2020) is Adults in Recovery from Alcohol and Substance Misuse.

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