Daisy Somerwolff

About the Artworks

Through her arts based heuristic research, Daisy has explored her experience of living with regular episodes of severe pain. Through this research process Daisy has started to acknowledge and normalise her pain experience. Externalising previously unacceptable emotions and holding them within the art object. These have then been made sense of and re-internalised, accepted as part of her pain experience. This acceptance and patience has brought forward a more compassionate approach to self. Along with a deeper understanding of pain, and the social, cultural factors that go along with it.  

Pain Perceptions

Video – Digital Microscope Camera 
2m 40s

Looking and Being:

The subject and the researcher

Digital Photographs

Push, Hold, Release, Hold:

Externalisation of affect to be held within object offering self-regulation and self-holding 

Digital Photographs of Clay

The Invisible Wound

Simulation Blood on Paper and Fabric

About Daisy

Daisy has a background in community arts workshop facilitation. She has continued to work integratively in her art therapy training, using mindfulness and movement with her clients. 

During the training she has had rich and varied learning experiences on her placements in CAMHs and in Hospice. In her own practice she has been exploring ‘pain’ and is interested in developing her thinking around pain management. Exploring responses such as dissociation, embodiment and the power of self-compassion.   

Daisy is moving to Copenhagen, Denmark and will continue to learn and develop her art therapy practice overseas.  

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