Lucinda Creed

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Ink, Coloured Pencil.

I would say that myself and some of my best friends are narcissists. Not in the recognised way of characteristics including grandiosity, self-entitlement, self-centred or manipulativeness but rather tortured by a narcissistic injury that has been developed through relational trauma. Even though narcissism comes from the Greek myth superficially understood to represent self-love, exactly the opposite is true in the narcissistic style. The true self has been buried, hidden away, in a response to early injuries. In its place is a highly developed false self. Largely, there is a focus on negative characteristics of narcissistic style and a disorder of a person, rather than the nature of the injury and pained experience. I hope to give more of a phenomenological aspect to narcissism and promote more empathy and understanding to this fragility.

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