Sarah Holich

RE:Casting the Self

These images show the key points in my research process which focussed on dual and enmeshed relationships, impossible dreams, and bounded agency. The process looked at the actions that emotional states may drive for: from carving out the self, abandoning, letting go and a wish for destruction.  

Ideas of deep-rooted annihilation anxiety, and the need for security and safety to be internalised run throughout. The culmination of the process was witnessing and surviving that annihilation. 

Using such processes within Art Therapy can offer a safe and contained way to look at experiences that otherwise may appear an overwhelming threat to existence.  

Title: Encased 
Media: Red Deer Antler, clay, plaster & vinamould 
Year: 2019 

Title: Carving out(1-4) 
Medium: Clay 
Year: 2019 

Title: Left Behind(1-3) 
Media: Clay, plaster, yoghurt/buttermilk/moss/lichen blend 
Year: 2019 

Title: Change and Acceptance(1-3) 
Media: Left Behind + Time and Weathering Elements 
Year: 2020 

Title: Security & Safety (1&2) 
Media: branches, leaves, ferns, moss, lichen and other natural materials, & plaster  
Year: 2019/2020 

Title: Clutching 
Medium: Stone plaster & pigment 
Year: 2020 

Title: Brittleness 
Medium: Stone plaster 
Year: 2020 

Title: Annihilation Balance 
Medium: Digital video recording – Nikon D3400 DSLR 
Year: 2020 

Title: Witness & Survival 
Medium: Digital video – Nikon D3400 DSLR & Phone Camera 
Year: 2020 

About Sarah

Originally from Hull, Sarah undertook a Visual Art BA at the University of Salford, graduating in 2015. She already had a strong interest in Art Therapy and after graduation spent time working with adults with learning and physical disabilities before moving into acute adult mental health.  

Sarah’s placements saw her working in a medium secure forensic environment, and an inpatient eating disorder unit. These offered vastly different experiences of Art Therapy and have furthered her knowledge and interest in both areas. 

Looking to the future Sarah would like to expand her work further, with a particular interest in working within pupil referral units or with young offenders. 

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