Sinead Simpson

Using an art-based heuristic research methodology to explore the interpersonal and intrapersonal aspects of a twin relationship, particularly regarding attachment, enmeshment, separation and identity

My independent scholarship has been focused on separation in the context of a twin relationship. Using an art-based heuristic research methodology, the house became a metaphor of self through which I could explore separation. Each side of the house is attached with velcro and can come apart. The house was made of raw canvas and has black stitching which is mirrored on both sides of the fabric. The house contains a meshed frame which was placed inside to provide support and structure. I chose to present the artwork with black and white photographs to symbolise the dualism of my heritage and twinship.  

Raw Canvas House
Media: Stitch and Velcro on canvas
Year: 2020

Media: Photograph
Year: 2020

About Sinead

Sinead previously completed a Fine Art degree at the University of Derby in 2013 and has since been working with children in social care for a local authority. She recently completed an MA in Art Therapy in which her areas of interest have been concerned with children and young people and their families. She completed her first-year placement in a primary school and then her second-year placement was in a community CAMHS teams.  

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